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Men's Ministry

Our men's ministry is called Resolute. One definition of resolute defines it as someone who is,"Determined, Admirably Purposeful and Unwavering".

In Resolute, our aim is to encourage one another to be determined, admirably purposeful and unwavering in becoming the men God is calling us to be in His word.

Have Fun

One of the main ways we are growing to be the men God is calling us to be is through close friendships with other men and the way to build these friendships is by doing stuff together. We have a variety of event nights from go-kart racing, to pizza, to whacking some balls at a driving range. To find out when the next event is, contact Bob Singley, our resolute coordinator.


From time to time a group of guys will get together to study a book of the bible or a book about manhood to help us grow in our faith and to help us become godly men. A group of guys just finished reading a book called The Masculine Mandate which we highly recommend to any guy. To find out if there are any groups currently available, contact Bob Singley.


As friendships build we encourage men to form small groups for prayer and accountability. Each group is different but they meet on a regular basis to discuss what is going on in their lives and to pray for one another. They also hold one another accountable to becoming the men God is calling us to be.