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Welcome to First Baptist Church of Clovis!

Coming to church, any church, for the first time can be overwhelming. Many people come to church seeking God and answers to their spiritual searching but too often find judgment and condemnation. Many of us shared the same concerns you might have now, but found folks here at FBCC a lot like themselves in many ways.

First Baptist Church of Clovis began as a bible study over 100 years ago and God’s Word remains central to our faith. Every Sunday, in every venue, you will hear God’s Word read and taught. We will encourage you to read God’s Word every day, listen to what God teaches you and apply what you are learning. Certainly God’s Word speaks of judgment but its overwhelming focus reveals God’s mercy and grace. We want to reflect God’s mercy and grace in ways that challenge us to love everyone in the same way Christ loves us—unconditionally.

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Check out our website, come check out the church this Sunday, or give us a call. We’d love to meet you!

Pastor Ken