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Seven Pursuits

Pursuing greater health, we began to pray asking God to show us where He is leading. Early in 2014, we gathered as a Body to listen to God and to each other.

Simply this. We want to be found faithful.

One day Jesus will return. No one knows the day or the hour, but when he returns, we want Christ to find us faithfully pursuing the work He has given us. As we prayed, as we listened, we began to see SEVEN PURSUITS. We call them pursuits for in some ways we are already engaged in their pursuit. We have not somehow discovered a “new” thing, for God’s mission has been ongoing from the garden until now and continuing. We call them pursuits for we realize we will never complete this ‘task unfinished,’ yet with resolve and determination we pursue so that we might be found faithful.

Faithful in the Word Logo

Faithful in the Word

We will be the presence of Christ here in Clovis, Fresno, California and beyond. Being faithful in the Body is about returning to the basics, re-learning again the Foundations of our Faith by teaching and raising the standard of being the Body of Christ. Being faithful in the Body is about being in community by connecting with a GROW group. Grow groups create a place where you can study God’s Word, share conversation and life, and be the BODY where you live.

Faithful in the Home Logo

Faithful in the Home

We will raise the standard that parents are the Primary Spiritual Influencers in the lives of their children. Being faithful in the home demands we encourage, strengthen and invest in marriages. Being faithful in the home involves coming alongside single parents with the help and resources they need. Our Women’s ministry will encourage and equip women as they lead their families as the Primary Spiritual Influencers. We will encourage and resource men to be the fathers and leaders their children desperately need. RESOLUTE, our Men's ministry, will be intentional in connecting men with other men and encouraging them to be the Primary Spiritual Influencers in their homes.

Faithfully Sharing Our Faith Logo

Faithfully Sharing our Faith

We will share our faith with others. We will cast a vision for reaching family, friends and neighbors with the Good News of Jesus Christ and encourage every Christ follower to be intentional in building relationships, gaining favor and developing a good reputation with their family, friends and neighbors, equip every member in sharing their faith and challenge them to share their faith. Faithfully sharing our faith will equip every member in sharing their faith and see them engaged in faithfully sharing their faith. We will create, identify and develop opportunities for Christ followers to share their faith. We will see evidence of our faithfulness in the number of people coming to faith, in baptisms, church growth including church planting, and those engaged in continued training.

Faithfully Living on Mission Logo

Faithfully Living on Mission

We will be on mission. We exist for the Great Commission. Jesus said, “Go, make disciples, teaching them…” We exist to lead an ever-increasing number of people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our existence as a Body of Christ here in Clovis, California centers on this purpose…leading others to Christ. Faithfully living on mission includes encouraging every Christ-follower to live out the Great Commission as we encourage and raise up leaders who are called to serve in full-time ministry. Faithfully living on mission includes investing both people and resources in church plants both locally and globally.

Faithful in Compassion & Mercy Logo

Faithful in Compassion and Mercy

We will connect resources to those needy among us and accomplishing this while encouraging health and recovery. We will serve each other with compassion and mercy. Being faithful in compassion and mercy reflects life-change. We have experienced the power of life change and we encourage it in others. Our lives become a reason to hope. Our changed lives become good news speaking hope to the hurting. Being faithful in compassion and mercy reveals God redeeming our pain to bring him glory. Being faithful in compassion and mercy allow hurting people to find healing in helping others.

Faithful in Serving

Faithful in Serving

We will be intentional in connecting people through serving as we encourage them to use their gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences in ministry. We will have an effective process in place to connect servers to service as each of us follows Christ who came to serve not be served. Faithful in serving will encourage members and attenders to "feel" like part of a family, staff ministries with sufficient volunteers and equip those serving by adequately training and preparing them as they serve.

Faithful as Stewards

Faithful as Stewards

We will develop and maintain our existing property as a reflection of our love for God. We will be good and faithful stewards. We will complete plans for additional parking near the Worship Center, faithfully care for the property, and work to significantly reduce or eliminate our debt. Faithful as stewards will involve sweat equity as we work together to improve and maintain our facilities. Faithful as stewards will involve personal sacrifice as we commit our resources to God’s work through this local body. Everything God has given us will be engaged in our mission to be the presence of Christ in our community.